Clementine Florals



Upon receiving your flowers please ensure you remove the swapping as soon as possible. Using a sharp pair of snips, secateurs or a knife, cut off two cm from the bottoms of each stem, on a forty five degree angle. Then immediately place the flowers into a vessel filled three quarters full with cool water. This will help rehydrate them with a nice big drink! Place in a cool but light filled position away from any heater vents and enjoy. To get the best life span out of your flowers repeat this process every two to three days, and remove any spent stems as they wilt. 


Ensure your forever flowers are placed in an indoor position with filtered light. The direct sunlight may cause your flowers to fade overtime. Do not get your flowers wet! This may ruin, cause mould or the colours to run on some varieties. Avoid bending or touching the arrangement to much as the flowers are extremely brittle and delicate. To clean, dust or wipe with a dry cloth every so often or when required.

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